Trail Financial Planning, LLC is a fee-only financial planning and investment management firm located in Bellingham, WA

Service Models

Service Models

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Our comprehensive financial planning service model is based on three key considerations:

  1. Planning is Comprehensive.  The financial areas of your life are interconnected – an investment decision may affect your taxes, or a career change can affect when you are able to retire.  Thus, our service is comprehensive.
  2. Planning is a partnership.  Life changes, the world changes, your financial needs and questions change.   We create an ongoing partnership so that your planning can adapt to changes.  We make plans for the expected and build capacity to face the unexpected.
  3. Planning includes investment management. Investment management is a key component of our financial planning partnership.  As part of your bigger plan, we develop an investment strategy appropriate for you.  We implement the strategy by building, monitoring, and maintaining your investment portfolio.

The service is an iterative process that grows in value over time.  Initially we engage with our clients to look at the big picture, and answer the question “Are you ok?”  Next, we dive deep into each area of your financial life.  We develop an action plan.  Together, we implement the plan.

Ongoing client care addresses the fact that our lives and planning needs change over time.  Some changes may be foreseen, and are best addressed proactively.  To do so, each year we hold an Annual Renewal Meeting in which we update the planning (big picture and deep dives).  Other changes can not be predicted.  By having an ongoing partnership, we are able to react with thought, care and confidence.

The following image illustrates the “flow” of comprehensive financial planning.

Investment Management

We assist our clients with investment management in the context of financial planning.  All of our clients are financial planning clients.  Some of our clients are investment management clients.  To read about our investment philosophy and strategies, please refer to our Investment Management page.

Targeted Financial Consultations

There may be some financial questions that are appropriate to visit in isolation, and that do not change over time.  For such questions, we do financial consultations with our clients.  Your advisor will help you determine whether your question is appropriate for a consultation.

To learn about the fees for our services you can visit our Fees page. Or, you can reach out for more information by going to our contact page.