Trail Financial Planning, LLC is a fee-only financial planning and investment management firm located in Bellingham, WA



TrailFP is hiring!

Job Title:  Financial paraplanner

How to Apply:  Applications are no longer being accepted for this position (as of 3-12-2024).  We are in interview process.

Key Dates

Date of job posting:    February 15, 2024
Applications due by:    March 11, 2024 (midnight)
Position starts:    May 1, 2024

Position Description


The paraplanner will manage the central hub of a client’s planning – the Annual Renewal Meetings, also known as the ARM.  Our ideal person will also act as the “Director of pro-activity,” supporting clients and advisors as they prepare for, engage in, and reflect on an inspiring financial planning experience.


As a paraplanner, you will

  • Schedule meetings with clients
  • Work directly with clients to gather their information and ensure they successfully prepare to meet
  • Update the financial planning software and analyze client information
  • Participate in meetings as a note-taker
  • Prepare internal meeting notes and a draft of client-facing notes
  • Manage the flow of meeting preparation for all clients of Trail FP

Benefits and Compensation


Compensation: $50,000 – $60,000/year depending on experience (W2 position)
Time: 40 hours/week

Flexible time off.  3 – 4 weeks per year paid time off.

Health Care comp:  $300/month to each full-time employee of Trail FP

Retirement Plan:  401k plan with employer matching (100% of 1st 3% of employee contributions, 50% of the next 2%)

All benefits begin after 6-months of employment

Schedule: Working hours are during the regular work week (M-F, 8-5).  There may be some work (client meetings) that extend past 5:00 PM.  Attendance at those meetings will be encouraged, but not mandatory.
Location: The work will be an in-person role in Bellingham, WA.  Some work may be done remotely based on conversations with your supervisor.
Time Off: The Trail FP calendar is flexible.  Time off is scheduled and agreed upon ahead of time.


Candidate Experience

  • Experience in a financial advisory/paraplanning role is preferred
  • Experience in a professional setting (whether physical or virtual) is preferred
  • Bachelor’s degree (any major) is required

Candidate Skills and Competencies

  • Financial Literacy.  General familiarity with personal finance concepts.
  • Analytical Skills.  Ability to interpret and analyze financial documents such as a paycheck, an investment account statement, or an insurance policy.
  • Software Experience.  Some familiarity with financial planning software is preferred. We use Right Capital as our primary planning software.
  • Communication skills:  A desire to use your strong verbal and written communication skills with people
  • Record-keeping:  An appreciation for the importance of tracking all thinking.
  • Systems:  An appreciation for good systems to manage a complex set of tasks.  The ideal candidate would have experience in designing or refining such systems.

Attitude and Values

  • Humility:  You are willing to ask for assistance.
  • Team-work:  You appreciate working with others towards a common goal.  We like the African proverb, “If you want to go fast, go alone.  If you want to go far, go together.”
  • Non-judgmental:  Trail FP believes in people.  People all have their own stories and motivations.  We seek to first understand people, and assume the best intentions.  We expect all members of the Trail FP team to interact with others in such a fashion.

How to Apply

How to Apply:  Applications are no longer being accepted for this position (as of 3-12-2024).  We are in interview process.

Filled Positions

Client Service Associate – Administrative and operational position.  Hired in 2021.